Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Flowers of Assisi

On Wednesday, June 3, we visited the small town of Assisi. There are flowers in every place you go in Italy, but especially in Assisi. From homes to restaurants to stores, they are all covered with beautiful and colorful flowers.
Most of the flowers are in containers that hang on the walls of the buildings, but I also noticed things like climbing ivy and climbing roses. These are by far my favorite because they charmingly frame the doorways of many homes. We also saw several climbing roses in Cortona, another small town that is full of flowers.
A few of the flowers I remember seeing that were mentioned in class include a field poppy, rhododendron, rose (in containers and climbing), peony, and zonal geranium (mainly in containers). I also noticed the olive groves down below the Basilica of Santa Chiara. It is evident that horticulture is everywhere you turn in Assisi.
Overall, Assisi is my favorite town that we have visited yet. It is unbelievably beautiful, and I am definitely giving all the flowers credit for that. They filled the side alleyways, the quaint staircases, and the narrow streets, giving this town such a unique feel.


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