Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lago Trasimeno

A group of seven of us went to a town called Passignano, which bordered the lake Lago Trasimeno on Sunday, May 31st. The lake was very beautiful and was made even more beautiful by the landscape surrounding it, which included mountains in the distance covered in greenery as well as a park in Passignano landscaping with tall trees and grass. It was interesting to see how much more populated the parks were alongside the lake as opposed to the areas composed of only concrete or grass. I found the park to offer a much more soothing and relaxing atmosphere than the other areas because the large pine trees offered much shade and the arrangement of the park allowed for easy access to sidewalks and sitting areas, breaking up the landscaping slightly. Across the street from the park alongside the lake, there was a market with many tents of vendors set up. Many of the people in our group came upon a woman who was selling spreads and marmalades. She was very kind and offered us samples of many of her products, all of which contained fruits, vegetables, or seeds. My favorite of her spreads was a sunflower spread, which sounded unusual until I tried a sample and decided to purchase a jar. I appreciated her incorporation of something as unusual as sunflower seeds into a spread, which I usually think of containing fruits. I still was amazed at the beauty of the lake and surrounding parks upon leaving, and hope to return at least one more time on this trip.

Jackie Amdor

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