Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Murano and Burano

On Sunday we ventured off the island of Venizia and decided to visit the neighboring islands of Murano and Burano located off of the Venetian Lagoon. Both islands are easily accessible by water taxi and are around a fifteen to thirty minute boat ride from each other. Murano and Burano each have a certain artist product that makes them special in the Venezian islands.

Our first stop was in Murano! Murano is famous for its glassblowing and glass art of various shapes and sizes. Shortly upon our arrival we walked into a glass blowing factory. We were then invited to watch a ten minute glassblowing demonstration where the artist made a vase and a horse with complete ease. He started out with a very hot spherical piece of melting class that he then shook, waved, plucked and cut to create whatever shape or object he wanted to. All I know is that I was extremely impressed because I can't even draw a horse on paper let alone make one out of melting hot glass! The rest of our time on the island was spent walking around Central Murano checking out all the shops filled with glass jewelry, animals and trinkets before heading to the next nearby island of Burano.

Our next stop was to Burano! Burano, Venice is a quaint little island known for its lace and brightly colored buildings. Every house in Burano was painted a bright and vibrant color such as pink, yellow, coral, teal, and purple. The town just felt happy which I guess is why I enjoyed it so much! Interestingly enough, if the owners of the colored houses in Burano wish to change the paint on their homes they have to submit a request to the government first and receive approval before doing anything. Overall, I really enjoyed Burano. It was very picturesque and filled with the cutest shops and nicest people.


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