Thursday, June 18, 2015

Boboli Gardens

During a day trip to Florence we visited the Boboli Gardens at the Pitti palace. The garden is separated into an English and an Italian section. We primarily visited the Italian section of the garden which is characterized by hills and a wooded area with trails weaving in between the trees. 

Near the edge of the garden there was the remains of a descending fountain. The Italians would mount nets by the trees and as birds descended to drink water the Italians would catch the birds to eat. Another interesting aspect of the garden was the citrus portion next to a large orangery which housed all the citrus plants during the winter so the plants would not freeze. 

The most impressive part of this garden for me was the incredibly long stretches of hedges leading to a statue or fountain up on a hill which is traditional in Italian gardens. This garden has no natural springs so all the water must be brought up the hill.  The excellent part of a having the garden on a hill is that it overlooks Florence. There's a picturesque view of the Florence skyline which is highlighted by the Duomo and the accompanying Bell tower.    

Fantastic greenery and breathtaking views characterize the Boboli Gardens which is rich in both history and fantastic floral views. 


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