Thursday, June 29, 2017

The 3G's /// Grottos, Gods and Gardens

Our latest excursion landed us back in Florence, but this time we were seeing something that we have yet to see in our last trips here. While in Florence this last time we visited the Boboli Garden's. Before entering the gardens you arrive at the Pitti Palace. Once inside we learned everything we see was created for Cosimo I de’ Medici’s wife in the mid 16th century. Throughout our time in the gardens we saw many of the plants, trees and flowers that we have been learning about in class along with many statues  and landscape architecture terms i had learned before coming here. Two of my favorite things that really caught my eye inside the Boboli Garden's were The Fountain of Neptune and the Grotto’s. 
The Fountain of Neptune stood out to me because I have grown up having an extreme infatuation with anything to do Greek and Roman mythological Gods and art. The myths, legends and intricate stories told about these mythological Gods amazes me still today. After doing some research I found out that the story behind the fountain is that there was a competition between Athena and Neptune to determine who would be the patron of Athens. In the statue it depicts Neptune striking the ground with his trident bringing forth water to the city. As you look at this statue you will notice water lily’s floating throughout the water. Water lily’s are  plants that sprout leaves and flowers that float on top of the water in tropical and temperate climates. If you look past the fountain and up the stairs is a statue of Abundance. Along with that is an amazing, breath taking view of Florence that I believe everyone who travels to Italy needs to see. 

After walking down many trails and aisles of lush green trees and shrubs you come upon a massive Grotto. It was full of large fresco paintings and statues that have been there since the grotto’s were built. The grotto’s paintings and the way the whole thing was built is what really amazes me. Looking at the details and thinking about the time and patience it had to of taken makes me believe that it would still be a challenge and almost impossible for someone in todays era to replicate them only using the tools they had back them. In the gardens we also saw all kinds of citrus plants and tiny ponds. While we only spent a few hours in this wonderful place I am sure we could of easily spent the entire day and still not have been able to soak it all in and see everything we possibly could have. If we have time I definitely plan on going back and trying see everything the gardens have to possibly offer.

-Ryan Miller

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