Friday, June 30, 2017

Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens

IMG_1584.jpgThis afternoon, we went to the Boboli Gardens in Florence. These sixteenth-century, Italian gardens are located behind the Medici palace and were created for Eleanora di Toledo, the wife of Cosimo Medici. They are so beautiful and ornate. It was such a treat to see the gardens and recognize that many of the aspects are original remnants. The gardens have been changed and restored throughout the centuries, but some original aspects include: the Mannerist grottos, some fountains, and the orangerie stocked with freshly grown lemons and oranges. These elaborate gardens have many different statues dedicated to various greek gods and goddesses and plants such as: cypress trees, ferns, roses, water lilies, hydrangeas, and many others. They span across eleven acres and are well preserved for many more centuries of visitors.
The gardens are beautifully unified and symmetrical especially my favorite sight, the overlook from Neptune Garden. It is located behind the Pitti Palace and overlooks the palace and amphitheater. The focal point in the middle of the amphitheater, which can be seen from Neptune Garden, is an Egyptian obelisk which used to hang in the Medici villa in Rome. It is surrounded by statues and seating for what used to be used for entertainment. I feel this part of Boboli Gardens is the most notable compared to the long, winding, forest-like English garden because of the line it makes. It gives the viewer the chance to appreciate the elaborate palace and brings attention directly to it.

IMG_1585.JPG I like this part of the garden best because of its direct view of the palace. It reminds me that these gardens were not built for the public or for agricultural purposes, but for the Medici family to enjoy. It is so unlike most of the architecture and gardens in Texas because most of the buildings that are created now are built solely for their purpose as opposed to being built as a work of art. I wish more places in the United States would be created for beauty so people can come centuries from now and enjoy a place as beautiful as the Medici palace.

-MadSwag (maddy stripling)

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