Friday, June 30, 2017

Menci's Backyard Garden

Visiting Gabriella Menci’s garden was a very special moment to me because it reminded me a lot of my papa’s garden. Seeing the tomato plants, okra plants and onion plants reminded me of my papa’s garden especially because those were 3 of my papa’s favorite things to grow. Also being in Menci’s garden made me think of all the hard work that goes into making a garden. I can remember as a kid when I would go visit him and help him have to till up his garden and then help him plant all kinds of veggies and throw out seeds. Another little thing that stood out to me was that Menci didn’t have a sprinkler system in his garden and neither did my papa. A lot of people don’t understand how much easier a sprinkler system can make growing a garden, but without one you have to go through the daily hassle of watering your garden by hand and on the days when it rains your blessed with a pure joy of knowing that you don’t have to water that day. While visiting Menci’s garden and house I also noticed some flowers that really stood out to me. He had some Star Jasmin, Lilly’s and Petunia’s which are 3 of the flowers that my granny has in her flower beds back home. Being at Menci’s house and seeing his garden just really had a special effect on me because of the memories it brought back of my papa and seeing the flowers made me think of my granny.  

-Bailey McDonald

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