Thursday, June 29, 2017

Painting Mr. Menci's Garden

As we enter the half way point of our journey through Italy home sickness and fatigue has yet to set in, for me at least. The idea of having something new to see and a new adventure each morning when we open our eyes has kept me going strong thus far and suspect it will continue to do so until the end of this grand adventure. We have already seen so many new things and learned so much in such a short amount of time. While it does not seem to be a culture shock, it does seem to be an eye opener to how much is still out there for each of us to learn, see, and grow from. Mr. Menci’s garden and artwork is one of the first big eye openers to me that really grabbed my attention. This elderly man still preserves the past in his way of life, from the gardening and living off what he can grow and provide to the images he captures and preserves in his amazing art work. 
Once we met and spoke with Mr. Menci he took us through his garden and showed us everything he grew. It was amazing and heart warming to see that some people still cling to this way off life and i wish more people back in america lived this way too. He grew everything from strawberries, onions, and carrots to grapes, peas and artichokes. After touring through the garden we approached many of the flowers we have discussed in class such as geraniums, petunia’s and some field poppies. The geraniums and petunia’s both like warm climates and sun light originating in the lower hemisphere.  They can both be manipulated into changing different colors.

Finally Mr. Menci’s led us into his studio where we viewed hundreds of self draw portraits of people and the landscapes he has come in to contact with throughout his life. He even gave a demonstration of how he creates these works of art! 

-Ryan Miller

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