Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rosemary is in the Courtyard

When we first arrived in Italy the first place we were taken to is Santa Chiara in Castiglion Florentino and were told this will be our home for the remainder of our stay. At first it seemed like nothing more than a school with a dorm room for you and two others to stay in, but after a few weeks this place really has become “Home”.  We have traveled every weekend since we have been here and now you can hear people saying okay lets go home referring to Santa Chiara. This place truly is beautiful. When we first arrived we were led out to the courtyard where there is abundance of different kinds of flowers, trees, and even two tortoises. The courtyard over looks a valley where the city lies filled with various gardens and olive trees. Past that is mind blowing view of the mountain range. After spending some time there we were led to our rooms where our window view was something our of a painting. It is a direct view of the mountain range and the old style houses with flowers spread out all the way to the mountain range. 

After a few days in class we learned what all these flowers were and some of them even reminded us of home. One in-particular being the Scarlett sage flower because it kind of looks like a red version of the Texas blue bonnet. Another that brings back memories of home is the rosemary. Rosemary also grows outside my home in College Station so the smell of it here is always comforting to me. After looking into the background of Rosemary I found out that it is actually used for many things. Two of them being pest control and cooking. The fragrance this woody perennial omits adds a wonderful taste to top off a variety of foods. Know this once we arrive back home I think I will have to try this out for myself the next time I cook. 

- Ryan Miller

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