Friday, June 30, 2017

Feeling B(u)boli!

The majority of Americans now days don’t have a strong appreciation for the landscaping of their front/back yards and just let everything get too far out of hand and it ends up looking trashy. The field trip to the Boboli Gardens was the complete opposite of how the majority of Americans are nowadays. Granted there was not very many flowers that stood out to me or that caught my eye, but the way the trees, bushes and shrubs were pruned and cut looked like a piece of art work. The number one thing that caught my eye was this shaded pathway where the trees intersected each other but they were pruned up to form an arch that extended down the whole pathway and I thought that was very neat and creative. Another thing I loved that made me think of home was seeing how pruned up and beautiful the shrubs looked. A lot of people may not believe it but I can say it firsthand from experience, that there really is an art to pruning and cutting shrubs and for that I have a real appreciation for these gardens. The last thing I really enjoyed about these gardens was the smell of the lavender plants. Just rubbing a single pedal from the lavender plant between your fingers made your hands smell so delightful. The Boboli gardens aren’t necessarily the prettiest gardens with flowers that pop out everywhere, but if you have an appreciation like me for pruned trees and shrubs and creating masterpieces with nature then you will really appreciate the Boboli Gardens.   

-Bailey McDonald

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