Monday, June 27, 2016

Symmetry Oh Symmetry

Barberini Gardens, Rome, Italy 

Symmetry is found in almost anything. It is found in people, animals, flowers, and design. In principals of design, there is an overall balance element in each design. Balance is acquired by placing pieces proportionally using their mass and weight in addition to other elements all together. Symmetrical balance, as we were able to see in the Barberini Gardens or Papal Gardens, has a center focal point and is mimicked exactly on each side. This mirrored design includes things such as colors, textures, and themes without variations in any of the elements.

During our trip to Rome, we got to go see the Barberini Gardens which was quite the treat since this is the first summer that that they have hosted us tourists. Because Pope Francis has decided not to reside in the papal summer residence, Castel Gandolfo, the gardens have been opened to the public. Being the horticulture students that we are, it was only fitting for us to make our way over during our studies in Rome. It was beautiful to say the very least! It was one huge garden with many smaller designed gardens within while history was blended seamlessly into them. While trying not be overwhelmed with the size of the garden or the size of the hydrangeas, we made our way into the center where there was a clear design using symmetrical balance. The center had a small pond and radiating out from the pond on either side were hedges groomed into a pattern with topiary spears in the center of the openings. It was a sight to see that could not be captured in a photo. Among all the elements in the garden and everything we saw in the garden, this area was the most amazing to see.

-Kourtney C. 

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