Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Doctor Rose

Doctor Rose
Castiligion Fiorentino- Pizza Making

On our long afternoon walk to the outskirts, hill country of Castilgion Fiorentino to make our more than delicious homemade pizzas, we passed many wineries, one being where Dr. Leo explained the reason for the roses being on the ends of the line of vines. Prior to this walk past these vineyards, I have noticed occasionally a set of purposely placed roses at the end of a section of vines and have never quiet understood their purpose, guessing it was for something either aesthetically pleasing or horticulturally purposeful. These sets of roses, although really beautiful, are not placed there for aesthetical reasons but for a purpose much greater.

Since my major is not Horticulture, lots of things strike my interest and blow my mind as how inventive and connected our earth is to itself. Once Dr. Leo explained the purpose of the roses in the vineyards around Tuscany, I was thrilled to find out the reason being for them. The roses on the end of the line of vines are there to show the first signs of disease that have the potential to harm the vineyard. Since roses show diseases firstly on their petals, it is an obvious sign to start protecting and preventing diseases for the rest of the vineyard. This is a brilliant way to protect countless grape vines and save many vineyards.

It’s amazing to find out how intertwined and meshed together the earth, flowers, and plants are. This whole experience learning more about how plants can maintain and support each other is intriguing and fascinating.  

-          - HMS

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