Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Blooming Knowledge on Magnolias

(Padua, Italy)

              While we’ve been walking around Tuscany, whether in the country, the courtyard of Santa Chiara, or the cities we have visited, I have noticed the prevalence of Magnolia trees in this area. This surprised me because I have only seen Magnolia trees in the deep southern states, and it did not occur to me that the climate in Tuscany would be suitable for these types of trees. The size of the Magnolia trees here make me believe the variety of tree is the Southern Magnolia Tree. Southern Magnolias grow to be around 80 feet tall, which is roughly the size of the trees here compared to the buildings around them.
                We learned in class that alike plants grow along the same latitude not longitude line. The vast variation in temperatures is the hindrance for planting along longitudinal lines. Since being in Italy, I have come to realize that Italy and the southern United States are around the same latitude line, which means we share a comparable climate zone. They are native to the U.S., Asia, and Central and South America. Magnolia trees thrive in warmer weather and do not do well in the cold. Even though the southern U.S. seems to be more humid than the Tuscany area, Magnolias appear to thrive here.



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