Sunday, June 12, 2016

All My Post Are About Coffee (2)

Before I came to Italy, I joked about just wanting an Italian to teach me how to make an authentic Italian cappuccino, & I would be pleased with the entire trip. Well, even though it was a joke, it actually happened & it was the coolest thing in the entire world. The American cappuccino has a bad name in Italy because we change the size from 5-6 oz to 12 oz or larger, which messes up proportions & makes the cappuccino almost a totally different drink. So it was interesting to see how a cappuccino is supposed to be made. Turns out, the coffee house I work at back home makes them very similarly to how they are made here, which makes me love my job even more. My bosses are staying true to how coffee was meant to be done.

Some other fun things I learned about the cappuccino on this trip was that the name "cappuccino" actually translate to "small hood," because the color of the hoods certain nuns & monks of the capuchin order were cappuccino colored. Who woulda thunk? 

Microfoam (the milk on the top of the cappuccino) is a very important part of making an appealing cappuccino & is probably the hardest part of being a barista. The foam on the drinks has a lot to do with the flavor & overall appearance so it's very important that the milk is textured correctly. I can't wait to get back & put what I learned to use at Harvest. The only pictures I have are of lattes but the milk texture is displayed on those as well. 

If your lattes / cappuccinos / any other coffee drinks are ever foamy with huge bubbles, remember, your barista has not done a good job! Latte art isn't just for show, it is to prove that the milk was textured or steamed properly & will taste just as good as it looks. :-)


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