Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Roses in Ravello

During our visit to Sorrento, we took a ferry to the Amalfi Coast where we traveled up to a small town called Ravello. Upon arrival, everyone that was sitting near the front of the ferry was completely drenched from the boat ride, including me. It was such a scenic traveling experience, and the unpredictable crashing of the waves into the boat caused a lot of laughter amongst the class.  In Ravello, we went to visit the most beautiful garden named Villa Cimbrone. It was right on the edge of the mountain, and had a spectacular view of the coast. Our tour guide mentioned how Villa Cimbrone is said to be the place where Satan brought Jesus during the forty days to tempt him with the beauty of the garden and offer him the world. If that doesn’t describe it’s beauty then I don’t know what would! One of the features of the garden was an enclosed area of various types of roses. I especially enjoyed this part of the garden because I have always had a love for roses. I’m originally from Tyler, TX which is known as the Rose City Capitol. Tyler hosts an annual Rose parade every year and is a very big deal in the city.  Roses really seem to catch my eye, and I’ve noticed how beautiful they bloom in Italy. It is hard to pick an absolute favorite part of the garden because it was all so stunning. When we first arrived, we saw a newly wed couple in their wedding dress and tux taking pictures in the garden. They definitely couldn’t have picked a better location or day to get married because it was a gorgeous day. I’m so glad that our class was chosen as the guinea pigs to tour Villa Cimbrone because it was one of the highlights of my time here. I am sure that our professors will keep that in the itinerary for the years to come. -CJC 

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