Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Floral Design with Massimo Benetti  

When I was 13, I visited Italy, my grandmother's place of birth,  for the first time with my father and grandmother. While there, I stumbled across a common site here in the beautiful Italy that triggered something: a flower cart, selling bouquets. I decided then and there that I wanted to be a florist, and since then have grown with that dream. It is the very thing that brought me to Texas A&M! That is why I was so over the moon when the other day, we got attend a workshop put on by local florist, Massimo Benetti! He took over his family's business, but shifted to the design aspect of flowers as the culture began to change. He now does weddings and events, but mainly is freelanced and collaborates with other designers in surrounding areas doing arrangements for large events such as conferences and fashion weeks! His style seems to be somewhat of a structured natural composition. He always looks around and finds things in nature that inspires him and then incorporates it into the design. It is not quite my favorite style, but I appreciate how he forages a lot of his greens and tries to buy from local vendors when there's time. My favorite part, obviously, was getting to play with flowers at the end! I practiced making a smaller brides maid bouquet. Italy and flowers- forever near and dear to my heart. 
- Amelia

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