Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Verona and Venice are Oh-So-Wonderful

Alexis M.: Verona and Venice are one-hundred percent to die for. Verona, with its lovely charm, is known as the "City of Love." Upon arrival you can immediately feel this to be true. After all, the house of Juliet is located here. The buildings look somewhat like buildings in Tuscany, but they're unique in their own way. Venice, on the other hand, is completely a world of its own. The city is literally a maze of alleyways and canals, small and large. Water is the central theme of this amazing place, and it justifies Venice as "Queen of the Adriatic."
This weekend was by far my favorite weekend out of all the ones we've had on this trip. It was busy yet very relaxing at the same time. Our train plans may have gone awry on Saturday, and we may have gotten a little lost in Venice, but all in all this was a perfect weekend. We were able to see a world-famous opera in an arena that dates back to 30 AD, pretend we were there to witness Romeo and Juliet's balcony scene, view incredible glass blowing on the island of Murano, and take a fun water taxi excursion around Venice.

One of the many piazze in Verona

On our way to see Aida!

Glass Sculpture in Murano

Right by St. Mark's Basilica!

Oh, it is love.

I'm so sad this trip is about to end, but it's been the trip of a lifetime. I've made lasting friendships and some crazy, awesome memories. Arrivederci and Grazie, Italia, for everything you've blessed me with! I'll love you always.

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