Tuesday, July 1, 2014


AL: Thursday morning brought another trip to Firenze (Florence). When we arrived we headed straight for the Boboli Gardens with our horticulture professor as our tour guide. Not too far into our tour we came across a lemon garden and because I'm a little bit obsessed with all things lemon, I stopped with a few of my friends to take pictures. Next thing we know our group is no where to be found in this maze of a garden. Panic starts to set in as we search for our group and after about 10 minutes of searching we ended up at the exit of the garden (which we were unaware of) and then couldn't get back in. With no wifi, cellular data or map we found ourselves lost in Firenze. We walked around for about an hour before Julia, our own gelato connoisseur, recognized a gelato shop that was famous for having real gelato and being the best in Florence. By real gelato I mean well that, real gelato. Apparently lots of gelato shops in very touristy areas add in a bunch of extra things that make the gelato pile up high and become kind of fluffy looking, but real gelato shouldn't be piled up high and is a lot thicker. We stopped in and the reputation of the gelato shop did not disappoint, best gelato I've had yet! After enjoying our cold treat Julia recognized where we were based off the gelato shop she had looked up before we left for Florence.

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