Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"High in the Dolomites"

KP: Our last weekend in Italy was wrapped up in perfection. Never have I ever seen mountains so green and lush and snow capped with a backdrop of the most beautiful blue sky and its patchy clouds scattered throughout it. Myself and seven others from our class headed to Canazei in the Dolomites for one night this past weekend. The town of Canazei is a small ski resort type of town, consisting of the most adorable family owned hotels in the valley of a fantasy land. The window sills of every building are full of potted flowers and the sidewalks are lined with planters of colorful blooming flowers. In order to get there we took an hour and a half bus through the winding streets along the sides of the mountains.We passed rivers, lakes, ski lifts, and quaint little towns; the views never ceased to keep me awake and observant no matter the lack of sleep I had gotten the night before. As soon as we arrived in Canazei we checked into the most friendly and adorable hotel and then headed out to explore the town. It was raining, but there was nothing that could keep us from climbing the mountains as the clouds rolled over them. On the mountain side we found a pasture consumed by horses, chickens, and goats and didn't hesitate to feed and pet them. They were the most beautiful horses and the backdrop only helped the incredible pictures that we captured. We continued on and hiked through the blanket of fog with our footsteps breaking the silence of the forest. It really felt as if you were in a fantasy land. The ground was covered in luscious greenery and vibrant moss, making the view that much more picture perfect. We spent the next morning at the top of a freezing mountain with the view of the valley we spent the night in, fields of wildflowers, snow-capped mountain peaks, and a gigantic blue sky. The weekend was a fairy tale.

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