Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Veggie Tales

CRM - This past weekend, our last weekend in Castiglion Fiorentino, all of my friends went to the Dolomites. Instead, I ended up taking a 6 hour train by myself from Verona back home. Sounds boring, right?

Well, it wasn't. It was actually wonderful.

One of my favorite things about train travel across Italy is that you see so many different things. The terrain changes between every town it seems like. There is never a moment when I feel bored or unentertained. The entertainment is the scenery all around me!

When I got back to Castig, one of my local friends was waiting for me with his vespa. He ended uo driving me through Tuscany, which was a completely different (and better, in my opinion) experience than traveling by train. We rode all the way up to the very top of one of the hills, and up there was a big park. I felt like I was about to go camping or something, because a bunch of Italian families were up there picnicking and playing. It seemed like the kind of park my family would've pitched a tent in back home.

Valentino's family was there too, celebrating his father's birthday. It was such a neat experience geting to celebrate with a local Italian family. We sang happy birthday in Italian and immediately after my arrival, his aunts and uncles shoved all kinds of Italian food in my face to try. It. Was. Awesome.

One of my favorite things that I tried was a type of pickled green tomato that they ate as a side salad. It was so yummy! I love tomatoes. I liked them back in America but being here in Italy, my affection has grown and grown. The produce here is always so fresh and delicious. I'm going to miss all of the assorted fruits and vegetables that they have here!

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