Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Not all who wonder are lost"

This weeks highlights (Includes church update):
  • Wore my new shoes and not just fell, I CRASHED to the floor and got a ballin bruise
  • Went to Assisi which is the most beautiful place in the world
  •  I saw St. Francis’ crypt and heard about five minutes of mass in English!
  •  Left my passport in my room and missed the train, ended up having a beautiful morning to   myself
  • Second train to Verona was booked for the wrong day, so we train hopped on the regional trains all the way there
  • Opera got postponed an hour and a half due to a torrential downpour, which we fell victim to
  • The Venice hotel lady was not the nicest, but I got reunited with my best friend! 
  • Went to mass in St. Mark’s basilica and had a lovely dinner date with my bestie on the canal in Venice followed by a water taxi ride
  • Had a terribly hard music final but didn't really care because I am in Italy
  • Basically I still love it here but I am ready to go home
 Hort Highlights:
  • On our last trip to Florence we went to two really pretty gardens and the amounts of lemon trees we saw were absolutely endless! I got to take some fallen lemon leaves and a piece of a lavender plant home with me(:
  • We also got to tour an old mason with old paintings of the gardens that we learned about in class so that was very neat! 

Things I’ll miss:
  • The geography
  • The religious shrines and statues on every corner
  •  The architecture and the history
  • The gas stations that are actually really nice

Things I wont miss:
  • People who are a fan of cutting you in line
  • Expensive meals out
  • The drivers (but lets be real, they are scary everywhere)

Things I’ll try not to take for granted in America:
  • Free toilets
  • Free water
  • Free grocery bags

Words I’ll never forget:
  • Andiamo
  • Ragazzi
  • Alora
  • Non lo so
  • Focus

Well Italy, its been fun! Hopefully one day I will return! 

Katrina Zekulin

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