Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cove of Wonders

Probably our most incredible discovery was the baths of Queen Giovanna of Naples. Traveling along a secluded, winding path, you finally arrive at a secret cove. Hidden in the forest is a small, clear pool with refreshingly cool water. Although the ground is quite rocky, it is very easy to stand and walk through the water. You can even jump off the rocks into the deeper parts! While our first trip to the cove was fraught with awkwardness and just a little bit of danger, our second trip was incredibly ideal. Very few other visitors came by, so we practically had the whole area to ourselves.

Giovanna I was the Queen of Naples in the 14th century. It was rumored that she entertained young lovers at her palace nearby, and took them bathing with her in the pool. She was even said to have pushed her lovers off the cliffs when she was tired of them. She was married four times, and her rule was fraught with internal and external conflict. But her cove was super nice.

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