Thursday, May 31, 2012


AL:Today, we walked to a vineyard at the La Pievuccia Agriturismo, which was about a thirty-minute walk away from the Santa Chiara center. The vineyard is a family-run operation. They do not only produce wine but have also created a beautiful place for families and couples to visit. The most intriguing part of the vineyard is that everything grown there is organic and all natural. Being a vegetarian, I love anything natural and organic, so the vineyard was very intriguing.  When growing organic crops there are many stimulations that the farmer must adhere to. Mainly organic food means that the producers do not use any pesticides while growing the food. The owner of the vineyard described how he lets the grapes grow naturally without the help of chemicals. A bonus to not using pesticides is that the production cost is less because they are letting the plants grow naturally. The owner also explained how when plants are sprayed with pesticides the chemicals seep into the plant and the consumer ends up eating them. To counteract harmful diseases the vineyard has been spraying their plants with copper. Instead of seeping into the plant, copper only creates a film on top of the grape leaves therefore not harming the plant or the consumer. Organic growing is a much healthier way to approach food.

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