Thursday, May 31, 2012

The beautiful roses of Italia

SS: Thanks to the temperate, balmy climate roses are able to flourish. As we walked down the shaded cobble stone street it is easy to notice the roses that cascade down the sides of the gates and fences that surround these Italian villas. The sweet smell fills the air and the beauty only complements the renaissance feel that many Italian gardens behind the stone fence offer.One of the most impressive qualities of the Italian roses was the size. These roses were about twice the size of some of the roses from the United States. The climate is what helps them thrive. They are provided with enough sun yet are offered the shade from the many trees here in Tuscany. The love of these flowers extends far past Roman times. Some popular flowers include the Iris, Tuscan poppy, and Dahlia. Most Italian gardens have a water feature in the middle such as a fountain. In ancient times this provided relief from the heat of the day and served as irrigation to some of the plants. The pathway is made of cool stone.and hedges are often used in Italian gardens to divide the garden into sections. Sometimes each section would have a landscape all its own!

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