Saturday, July 1, 2017


A few of us took advantage of our three-day weekend after Rome and ventured down south to Pompeii. The history of Pompeii intrigues me and peaked my interest in visiting the site while I was here in Italy. Outside of the interesting history I was drawn to the plants and the crops that were being incorporated in the ruins. Pomegranate, lemon trees, grape vines, roses were all plants that I found in the Pompeii ruins site. In the time before the city was covered in ash in 79 A.D., the families grew grapes in their courtyards, which is were I found the grapes growing. The grapes were planted and have been maintained in the areas where they are believed to have been grown in the time before the town was buried. In addition to these grape vines there are also other fruiting plants that have been included in the renovation of the site. I have noticed that not only in Pompeii but in other ruin sites that nature seems to be the living factor to the stillness that remains from the old stone walls and buildings. These crumbling architectural features have become an accent to the newness that grows between the stone and the mortar that is holding it together.
-Erika Johnson 

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